Posture – To enjoy our movement and  protect our body from strain we need to bring a mindfulness to our posture and the way we use our body.  Walking with my dogs I feel such joy as I watch the beauty of their poise and grace or have a laugh at their silly abandon as they leap and jump about.  They are alert, instinctive and interacting with their environment constantly.  Many  writings on posture point us to observe animals as we remember proper body use.  Cranial work, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and The Alexander Technique are all very helpful in reminding us to adjust and fine tune our movements.  Through these disciplines we learn that freedom is often a slight adjustment in positioning, or a breath, or a thought away from allowing us to function more fully.

The basics for posture that may be helpful to keep in mind are as follows: ground yourself regularly, having a connection to your feet and pelvis; bring attention to your breath, using it to aid movement; use your imagination to bring awareness to a midline orientation and to allow expansion in your system; have the movement of your limbs be supported and centered from your torso; inhibit the desire to ‘correct’ posture so as not to over correct with further strain, instead allow space and feel the fluid nature of our cells, our body and our connection to our environment in nature.