Fascial Integration Exercise

Fascial Integration Exercise – The fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all of our muscles, bones, and organs.  It separates structures from each other and allows for the smooth gliding of these structures, it also supports our body in its integrity and form.  Our body is entirely connected through the fascia which is why you could perhaps feel a pull at the bottom of your foot when a therapist is working on your neck.

After you have received bodywork, exercised, meditated, had a session with your spiritual director or psychotherapist, or just had a busy day it helps to process and integrate through connecting with your body as a whole through the connective tissue.  One way to do this is through the following exercise:  Lay on your back, pillowing if necessary to avoid strain.  With inhalation: eyes closed, gently look up toward forehead at the same time that the palms face up and the feet dorsiflex (toes pull up toward your body).  Hold a moment or so and then with exhalation: reverse everything by gently looking down with the eyes (they are still closed), the palms face down and the feet plantarflex (toes point down).  Repeat 3-5 times, can be done in the morning before getting out of bed or at night before going to sleep.  Enjoy the full-body connection!