Allowing a Neutral Mind

Allowing a Neutral Mind – A calm, neutral mind may seem at times as distant and tenuous as the moon in this photo, but underneath the chatter of our thinking…….. is stillness.  The nervous system calms here.   A meditative awareness unfolds.

Our thoughts are often compelled by our ego, and if we let the ego set the tone, we are forever bound and trying to figure out, fix, plan, process, alert; this can leave us charged with a busy energy.  Remember, we can hear the layer of the ego and we can choose to listen to ‘the still, small voice’ underneath.  As we do this there is a sense that stillness swells, holds us, and the chatter of the ego becomes peripheral, dulled, and at times…quiet.  Healing emanates from this stillness.  Gentleness and freedom find voice in our body and psyche.                   Peace.