The contemplative James Finley writes, “as we pass through life, life passes through us, transforming us in unforeseeable ways.”  In this process of our ‘becoming’ there is a potential for deepening in our understanding of who we are through our inner work and spiritual awakening.  As we touch into this deepening, choosing to cultivate our awareness and connection to our soul, we experience freedom and imagination infusing us with energy to open our hearts to joy and navigate difficulties knowing we are supported by Life, Love and Mystery.

A Spiritual Direction session is an opportunity in a safe environment to cultivate your own inner spiritual guidance and wisdom. For some people this guidance and wisdom is very clearly connected to their faith and for others there is a desire for exploration in a more abstract sense. Either way, through regular sessions over time there develops an increased capacity for being present in the unknown as an interior dialogue emerges. A Spiritual Director embodies a spacious, respectful presence, using both silence and reflection to help facilitate the process.

People often use spiritual direction as a place to bring intention to developing spiritual practices like those of meditation, prayer, self-care, body movement, discernment – all in the service of deepening in awareness and developing a conscious presence. As you learn to receive the gifts of this process you are then more able to fully engage in life and relationships.

I began my professional career in bodywork and so if you choose – I integrate Craniosacral work with Spiritual Direction. Both are respectful processes that welcome silence and deep listening. Cranial work allows for a felt-sense of the deepening that occurs in your nervous system when you rest in stillness. This then supports the emergence of insight and understanding as you explore an interior movement.

I am a member of Spiritual Directors International and abide by their Code of Ethics. I participate in regular supervision.

Spiritual direction is not a therapeutic relationship and referrals are encouraged when indicated to appropriate health care providers.