Therapeutic Counselling: When working through certain issues, individual sessions can be the most effective approach. Perhaps there are practical issues that need problem solving, and depending on the issue that the client brings, this can look like traditional OT, where practical solutions to real life situations can be found and practiced. The body is not excluded, even where the issue may be work life balance or difficulty with mild memory deficits after a concussion.

Somatic Experiencing: This methodology can be used in a more specific way to address certain in all her sessions, if this is appropriate and desired.

The longer coaching program: The purpose of a specially designed coaching plan is to help you to development new skills and self-understanding, so you can see and experience yourself and your issues from a new perspective.
An assessment stage followed by a collaborative plan designed for your unique issues includes self-reflective exercises, new experiences and personal practices to encourage development and competencies that are needed for embodied change.

Anne-Marie offers a free introductory session allowing you to further determine if her services may be helpful for you.   She sees clients in person at her office space in A Calm Retreat in Sebringville, near Stratford.  Phone or Skype sessions are also possible.
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